Writing Regularly – A Prerequisite to Good Writing?

I agree that we should not make a ritual about where to write. I find that my writing is spontaneous rather than cultivated. I write when the urge like sex or hunger wells up in me.

Writing on the Pages of Life


Be willing to write

I didn’t study writing in college and have never attended writing workshops.  The only writing classes I ever attended were “Creative Writing 101,” and “Advance Journalism,” during summer school in Harvard.  At that time I was already a feature writer and my articles were being published by a foreign magazine.

I became a journalist by chance: When I was working as a travel photographer, the person assigned to write an article that had to be published immediately couldn’t make it, so I conducted the interview, took the pictures, wrote the article and sent it to our main office.  I received a call from our publisher shortly before publication date and he said the article was written well. Thus began my writing career.

In 2010, I decided to revive my writing life after a ten-year hiatus, and even though I continued to journal, I had no confidence at all as…

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