Buhari and His Power Ambition By Tanko Yakasai

The spectre of this 1983 coup detat appears not be dying anytime soon. Mhnnnnn! Is there more to this coup than we know?


Obasanjo told Umaru Shinkafi, that shortly after the election of 1979, some military officers went to him and informed him not to hand over to Shagari.

Obasanjo told them that he had already
told the world he was going to hand over
power, and that he inherited the office,
after a coup attempt that was not

He stated that his predecessor promised to hand over, and it means he must hand over.

Obasanjo also told them that he has initiated an election process which was successful. Shagari won, people went to court and he won there as well.

‘So on what grounds should I tell the world I would not hand over to him? Who do you even want me to hand over to? And they said, ’hand over to Buhari’!’

So even before power was handed over to Shagari, the military attempted to steal it and hand over…

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