Thoughts on My Father’s Kidnap

What would you do when your eighty (80) year old father is kidnapped?

Am still dreaming. The dream started about seven hours ago. I have never dreamt this long. Can’t some one wake me up from this dirty dream?

This old folk has just come back from hospitalization and only wanted to join loved ones in wishing a dead relative farewell…now I don’t know which farewell we are talking about: the dead or the living whose condition we know not. where have they taken Major Azum Asoya to? What do they want with this community leader whose whole life is giving to supporting the people of Okpanam in Delta State Capital Territory? Is this just a dream? Now, what kind of dream, dirty dream is this?

who is holding this man? Does he have a father? Are they strangers from the moon? Aliens without an abode? Is this a case of mistaken identity/ Where were the so called security men invited to keep the peace at this ceremony? Is this a collusion between the criminals (shhh, don’t let them know what I think of them) and they have just requested for Thirty Million Naira (about Two Hundred Thousand Dollars) ransom for his release. Give this set and get ready for the next, and the next and the next. Crime is festering, man. And it pays here, you know. The Niger Delta militants for years relentlessly sabotaged our economy. What to do? Pay them, wasn’t their settlement a ransom? Then Boko Haram, the omnibus killing crowd from the North, they also expect a ‘settlement’, call it not a ransom.

But who is Major Hyppolitus Azum Asoya? War veteran, father to many, not least of which are widows and poor women looking for a father figure and community organizer. A chief and could-have-been paramount ruler of Okpanam. Is this the profile of kidnap victims? Well am off to see these bandits, but where do they live? Where is their address? Too many question, no one is answering me. Phewww!

One more question: Can’t they see his grey hairs? And his sight which speaks of the many years and battles fought and won…yes…some lost. But this battle…Major, you’ll win; not you, God will win on your behalf. Trust me.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on My Father’s Kidnap

  1. Larry, I hope this really just a long dream, and that your father had not really been kidnapped. That would be awful, and if it’s true, my prayers are with you and your father.

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