Everybody Bombs Everybody

Bomb 1

Every body seems to be bombing everybody else in Nigeria this month. Editors have been regaling us with one “bomb’ after another “bomb”. It gives a feeling that bomb has lost its sternness and dread.

Check out the headlines

soyinka jona

Professor Wole Soyinka and President Goodluck Jonathan


“OBJ Bombs Jonathan, Soyinka, Tinubu, Chukwumerije, Alabi-Isama”- PM News  Olusegun_Obsanjo_profile_2tinubu


“Soyinka bombs Jonathan” –The Punch

“Have you read Wole Soyinka’s ‘Bomb’ letter to Jonathan?!”-

This makes you wonder whether the language of terror has become acceptable daily usage.

Now look at the tag below, those engaging in this bomb, bomb, bomb (either as receivers or bombers) are no other than a former head of state, a retired general, Senators and a world renown professor of Literature?

I hope you now see why I’m perturbed that since the Rich and powerful are bombing each other, someone down the line may choose to bomb less mortals like us, God forbid. Can some one help me ask ex-Governor of Lagos State Bola Tinubu and Senator Uche Chukwumerije to spare us their own bombs because that will be a bombing too much? You keep  dreaming though…no one suffers fools gladly around here not when everyone has a scandal against everyone else that can be used to bomb the bomber in return.

Await the return bombs then. I hope you did feel bombed?


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