I am a writer, advertising practitioner, journalist and Pastor.

I have published hundreds of articles in virtually all the Nigerian newspapers and continue to make contributions to the evolution of public communication in my country.

My communication functions include helping clients to get their websites designed and running;  get maximum media visibility for their events, programmes and staff; train staff in marketing, manage product/event launch and organise training in self development and to teach the word of God.

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laughingI don’t know whether it is possible to create laughter out of Nigeria’s chaotic development process. I am willing to take up new challenges and so here we go…

Where do we start from? The clowns in the National Assembly who earn bleeding pays? The Executive who does everything it can to save public expenditure (through commercialization and privatization) and ensures the savings end up in their personal accounts? Or the judiciary where you can literally purchase judgement as little as the judge is hungry?

If you are interested in investing in Nigeria, take my word for it, it pays a bit to be crooked. Crooked in your manners as the Asians have found out, wily in your intellect as the French and dare-some as the South Africans and you will make profit but Aso Rock is a slumber-chamber. Be ready to wait on the grandiloquence of the occupiers. Most of their public speech are made from materials written for them by those with little if any input from the manikins that read them.

Are we on the same page? Let’s go then. Welcome to Nigeria. The land of the happiest people on earth.


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